Services – Billboard Installation, Maintenance, Repair

New Sign Construction and Installation

Apex Billboard Services offers nationwide service in construction and installation of all types.

Products and Services Include
  • Steel Monopole and I-Beam Billboard Structures
  • Wood Pole Billboard Structures
  • LED/Digital Signage and Installation
  • Custom Monument and Pole Signs
  • Truck Stop Signs With Digital Message Centers and Price Changers
  • Scoreboards
  • City and State Permit Procurement
  • Registered Survey (if required for permitting)
  • Engineer Drawing (All of our Structures are Engineer City/State Requirements)
  • Lighting
  • Billboard Vinyl Design, Printing, and Installation
  • Panel Free Frames/Wind Frames
  • Consultation

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Sign Maintenance and Repair

Apex Billboard Services provides nationwide services for existing structures to maintain their overall appearance and appropiate working condition.

Services Include:
  • Painting
  • Face Panel Upgrades
  • Safety Upgrades (Laders, Safety Cables, Decks)
  • Kicker Arms
  • Head Plate Stub-ins and New Heads
  • Bird Pans and Bird Control
  • Skirt/Apron Installation
  • Logos and Numbers Installation
  • Storm Cleanup and Repair
  • Welding and Repairing
  • Structure Removal and Structure Relocate
  • Lighting and Timers/Light Sensors
  • Wind Damage Repair

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Mobile LED/Digital Video Screens

Apex Billboard Services provides nationwide service of mobile digital video screens. Our 18’x30’ mobile LED Video screen gives event coordinators and marketing directors the ability to take full advantage of the largest, mobile LED display, proven to attract attention, boost attendance, increase sponsorship and enhance audience reaction. We also have different screen sizes to fit your needs.

Screens Available:
15'x27' Mobile LED Video Display
9'x16' Mobile LED Video Display
18'x30' Mobile LED Video Display
  • Arrives on-site with minimum production needs using hydraulic lifts to raise video screen a maximum of 45' to top of screen in less than an hour
  • Displays live event coverage, advertising, and sponsorships in vibrant HD
  • Easily impresses clients with on-board, self-contained audio-visual "command center"
  • Low-cost "people magnet" and fan-enhancement marketing tool
  • Extends marketing program to overflow crowds or remote audiences who otherwise are precluded from event

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